Daily clean for kids

During the first months of life children breathe almost only with nose, that represents an important filter against viruses, bacteria, pollutants and irritants.
Colds and closed nose are much ordinary among infants and children, especially in the colder months.
That can happen at an early because the immune system is not yet fully developed. If nose is closed the discomfort for the child can be very strong, making it difficult to sleep and feeding.
In the early age baby can’t blow your nose, for this reason we must find alternative methods for clean it and breathe well.

Daily clean for adult

Technically it’s called nasal congestion, it is also reffered as stuffy nose and this is unpleasant situation. That occurs usually you in the colder months, in adults too. Often in addition to the stuffy nose it is also headache, runny nose, sneezing and wheezing. Many discomforts That can prevent sleep, normal daily activities and cause stress and nervousness.
Other important causes of irritation and infection of the respiratory tract are the heating and air conditioning, that not only cause temperature changes but also make air more dry, increasing the formation of dust that irritates the airways.
In case of allergy, washing nose can help the elimination pollens and allergens, improving drug therapies and it can be used also during pregnancy.
Even for people with acute sinusitis, nasal rinsing proves a useful soothing treatment allowing an improvement in symptoms in nasal congestion and quality of sleep.
For these reasons respiratory hygiene it’s a great help for the adults’ wellness.