The Sea water of Optimar is taken with the precautions needed in the Gullmars Fjord in Scandinavian region of Bohuslan. Long 25 km and wide from 1 to 3 km, the Fjord has a depth that reaches 120 meters.

The Fjord has a long tradition of marine research; in 1877 it was founded the first marine research station in the village of Fiskebackskil; in 1902 he inaugurated the Hydrographic Station near Borno and in 1915 followed the first stations of biological research of the ‘University of Uppsala‘.

In 1983 it became the first marine conservation area of Sweden.

The Fjord Gullmars is now a protected area and have particular characteristic which allow the most fragile species to reproduce; Also for this reason it is a popular destination for scuba diving passionate.